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 Purpose of establishment
 Composition of organization

Purpose of establishment

  • The council was established to provide to the professional research administration organizations for delegation management of national R&D projects; professional, objective and equitable evaluation of achievements, construct a research achievement management and utilization system, and to aid in cooperation between organizations by providing services such as exchange of information, for efficient management.
  • To improve the efficiency of planning, evaluation and management of national R&D projects currently performed by individual professional organizations, and act as a core for consultation between professional organizations to provide client oriented research management administrative services.

Establishment background of the Korea Council of R&D Funding Agencies

  • Background of establishment
    • Created from the previous Office of Science and Technology Innovation, to let the professional research administration organizations construct and operate planning, evaluation and management protocols fit for each R&D organization concerned, and to improve the efficiency and professionalism of R&D project management.
      * Measures to increase management efficiency in professional research administration organizations ('06.6.22, Ministerial Meeting for Science Technology)
    • To prevent competitive establishment and designation of professional R&D organizations and to become a professional administration organization for expert R&D project planning, evaluation and management.
      * Reestablish the status as a professional organization and improve capabilities, reinforce client orientation, verify project management abilities, etc.
  • Date of establishment : 2007. 2. 22
  • Relevant statutory provisions for support : Act on the evaluation and management of national R&D project achievements, 3rd clause of Article 16 and its implementing ordinance, 2nd clause of Article 13

Major functions

  • Cooperate with professional organizations to enhance performance capabilities of their characteristic functions
  • Provide information on national R&D projects and cooperate with organizations to provide connections for sharing resources
  • Cooperate with research management administrations to reinforce client oriented services
  • Cooperate with other professional organizations to increase operating efficiencies

Composition of organization

  • As a horizontally oriented consultative group between member organizations, all decision making is determined through the council meeting. An assistant administration supervises execution of official affairs, and an expert committee draws the agenda.
Council meeting
  • Elect the president of the council
  • Revise the regulations of the council
  • Qualify as a new organization
  • Vote on the project plan for the next fiscal year
  • Vote on the budget proposal for the next fiscal year
  • Vote on the division of annual fees for the next fiscal year
  • Discuss on improvements for council management
  • Decide on other significant matters
Expert committee
  • Elect the chairperson of the expert committee
  • Discuss on the role and status of the expert committee
Assistant administration meeting
  • Report on the resolved matters of the previous council meeting
  • Discuss on the follow up measures of the previous council meeting
  • Consult on the topics for the next council meeting
  • Discuss on hosting the joint seminar
  • Discuss on council operation plans
  • Discuss on the professional organizations in regard to increasing operating efficiencies and sharing information
  • Discuss on other matters