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National Research
Foundation of Korea
Korea Institute of Planning &
Evaluation for Technology in Food,
Agriculture and Forestry
Korea Evaluation Institute
of Industrial Technology
Korea Institute of Energy Technology
Evaluation and Planning
Korea Institute
for Advancement of Technology
Korea Health Industry
Development Institute
Korea Environmental
Industry & Technology Institute
Korea Agency for Infrastructure
Korea Institute of Marine Science &
Technology Promotion
Korea Technology and Information
PromotionAgency for SMEs
Defense Agency for
Technology and Quality
Institute of Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation
Korea Meteorological Institute Korea Creative Content Agency Korea Forestry Promotion Institute
Korea Foundation of Nuclear Safety    
National Research Foundation of Korea
Purpose of establishment To contribute to the improvement of the nation’s academic research capabilities, and to promote academia and science technology by fostering and utilizing academic and R&D activities and researchers in a fair and efficient manner
Date of establishment 2009. 06. 26
Grounds for establishment National Research Foundation Act (Enacted on 2009. 3. 25: Legislation No.9518)
  • 2009. 03. 25 NRF Act enacted (Legislation No. 9518)
  • 2009. 03. 30 Launching of the NRF establishment committee
  • 2009. 06. 26 Establishment of the NRF and inauguration of Chan-Mo Park as the 1st president
  • 2018. 07. 09 Inauguration of Roe Jung-Hye as the 6th president
Function and role
  • Supporting academic and R&D activities
  • Fostering and utilizing researchers in academia and R&D fields
  • Promoting international cooperation for academic and R&D activities
  • Facilitating the survey, analysis, and application of useful resources for research funding as well as development of policies
  • Assisting in managing research performed by academic and R&D organizations
  • Promoting cooperative exchange between domestic and overseas institutes and organizations in the fields of academia and R&D
  • Other necessary functions in the fields of academic and R&D
Ministry of jurisdiction (Division in charge) Ministry of Science and ICT (Division of Research Development Policy)/ Ministry of Education (Division of Academic Promotion, etc.)

※ Organization : 7 Directorates 18 Divisions 21 Offices 44 teams 1 TF