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National Research
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Korea Institute of Planning &
Evaluation for Technology in Food,
Agriculture and Forestry
Korea Evaluation Institute
of Industrial Technology
Korea Institute of Energy Technology
Evaluation and Planning
Korea Institute
for Advancement of Technology
Korea Health Industry
Development Institute
Korea Environmental
Industry & Technology Institute
Korea Agency for Infrastructure
Korea Institute of Marine Science &
Technology Promotion
Korea Technology and Information
PromotionAgency for SMEs
Defense Agency for
Technology and Quality
Institute of Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation
Korea Meteorological Institute Korea Creative Content Agency Korea Forestry Promotion Institute
Korea Foundation of Nuclear Safety    
Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning
Purpose of establishment To efficiently support in description/evaluation and management of developments in energy technology
Date of establishment 2009. 05. 04
Grounds for establishment Energy Act Article 13 (Legislation No.11713)
  • 2008. 08 Announced the 2nd 'Plan to Advance Public Institutions'­ Decided to combine 4 energy R&D organizations organization in the energy sector (Institute of Energy Resources Technology Planning and Evaluation, Korea Energy Management Corporation, Center for New & Renewable Energy, Electric Power Public Tasks Evaluation & Planning Center of the Korea Electric Power Corporation)
  • 2009. 01 The basis for establishing Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning was prepared
    - Energy Act Article 13 (Establishment of the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning)
  • 2009. 05 Establishment of the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning
  • 2010. 01 Assigned as quasi-governmental institution
  • 2010. 04 Obtained a Green Certificate
Function and role
  • Investigate demand, analyze and predict the trend of energy technology
  • Collect/analyze & distribute/supervise information/data on energy technology
  • Support establish energy technology-related policy
  • Establish mid- and long-term technology plans for energy technology businesses
  • Evaluate and manage energy technology businesses
  • Promote the achievements of energy technology businesses
  • Manage the expense for energy technology business
  • Support the human resource department
  • Support international joint research and international corporation business
Ministry of jurisdiction (Division in charge) Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Division of Energy Technology

※ Organization : 4 headquarter 14 Division 3 team